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ProTem introduces professional experts to organisations for short-term contracts.

A network that capitalises on experience and skills.


As an organisation you can hire some of the best minds in the country.

As one of the best minds, you can find organisations that are looking for experts like you.

There are no fees for joining as an expert or as an organisation.


Temporary positions are common and organisations contract with independent experts for short-term engagement.

ProTem only deals with senior experts and prevents a brain drain from businesses that are knowledge based.

It allows organisations to hire the most experienced minds for short-term assignments.

ProTem introduces experienced professionals. This means some members may have ended full-time employment, being ‘portfolio workers’ or part of the ‘plural economy’.

As an organisation you can set out your terms, and as an advisor you can do the same and agree a fee that you are comfortable with. You can be sure that we will only connect people and organisations that are like-minded.

We find opportunities to connect organisations with a requirement from experts with valuable time on their hands. It’s all automated, so the only charge is an arrangement 12% fee paid by the employee when the contract is completed.

The process is simple and fast. And don’t forget, no fees are payable until you have been paid for a contract.

The sectors we work in
  • Engineering

    We are interested in consulting engineers,
    so that could be structures, civils and
    services – generally construction oriented.

  • Professional Services

    Hire people who have amassed knowledge and
    experience and are now free to pass on skills.
    They are valuable to companies on a short-term basis,
    architects, accountants, surveyors, and lawyers.

  • Management

    Management advice is in demand for small
    and growing organisations that are better
    served by an experienced advisor and don’t
    need a full-time employee. Skills can be in finance,
    law, IT, marketing & communications or resource management.

  • Real Estate

    Here skills are in demand for experienced property professionals; developers, consultants, agents,
    institutional investment advisors and asset managers.

  • Media

    This covers all aspects from digital to design, taking in advertising, social media, film, television and all skills associated with the sector from copywriter to voice overs.

  • Travel & Tourism

    Soon to become the world’s largest industry, skills in demand include master-planning, development, branding, promotion, digitalisation and project appraisal. Specific sectors such as tour operators, visitor attractions, destinations and arts & culture venues seek expertise to help build back better.

Find the right Expert

Here you will be able to search for experts by requirements: sector, core skill(s)and expertise.

Firstly you need to register so please fill in a preliminary registration and you will be sent a link to your dashboard where you can enter your organisation’s details.

You will then be able to freely search for over 1,500 core skills. Additionally you’ll find that our experts have other skills that might be appropriate to your needs.

By marking as a ‘favorite’ we offer up appropriate experts for you to contact by email, explain the contract to them and agree terms.

Register with us

As an expert

Registration is free. You can select your range of expertise to gain maximum benefit from organisations with posts available. Only when the contract is completed and you have submitted your agreed fee will we invoice you. There is a charge of 10% of the contract value +VAT (currently 20%). When you are quoting and negotiating your fee you should remember this charge.

We keep you active in the business you know and love. We give you access to temporary short-term contracts.

We provide fast matchmaking service of experienced professionals with credible industry clients allowing flexibility, agility and short term contracts for both parties.

Register with us

As an organisation

This is a free service. Let us know what your skill requirements are and we will begin the search for talent to fill your post.

You can contract with people more appropriate to a specialised task than you possibly employ full-time. You employ an individual and not an organisation with its accompanying costs.

A task could cover anything from writing a proposal to advising on a reorganisation, from IT to HR, or anything from A to Z.

There is no recruitment fee, either to find an expert or for the contract. The expert will be including our charge in their invoice(s) to your organisation.