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ProTem introduces organisations who want to hire senior experts for short-term work.

A free service for both the hiring organisation and the senior expert.


As a hiring organisation you can contract directly with senior experts in your sector

Benefits to hiring organisations looking for senior experts

  • No recruitment fees.
  • Ability to quickly find experienced experts for specific assignments.
  • You choose the expert that meets your needs, and you are given direct access to agree the contract.
  • Gain from the efficiencies of highly experienced experts without full-time employment commitment.


As a senior expert, you can offer your services to organisations that are looking for specialists like you.

Benefits to experts looking for assignments

  • For those looking for short-term, part-time employment.
  • Freedom to work on specific projects/assignments in a gig-economy.
  • Direct introduction and access to hiring organisations to agree terms of engagement.
  • Keeping you active and use your experience and talent to give-back to the industry and future generations.




Individual skills

Search our portfolio of experts to get the right person for your company.

Why ProTem?

Why ProTem?

ProTem has been set up to prevent the brain drain primarily from the property and construction industry by keeping senior talent in the sector. Essentially, `upcycling` experienced people who have the skills to help the transition and benefit the next generation workforce.

Our purpose is to maximise the experience and intellectual asset within sectors, enabling highly skilled people to continue offering their services on a part-time basis for temporary assignments, rather than full-time employment.

We are passionate about our industries and have an enviable network of brainpower that can be unleashed to help hiring organisations to achieve solutions quicker using senior experts who are at the top of their game technically or managerially.

We are not a recruitment agency, merely a network that introduces individual experts to organisations that need short-term issues solved.

ProTem is an introductory online platform set up primarily to help hiring organisations to be more efficient when seeking short-term specialist assignments, and for individual self-employed experts to continue providing their valued experience.

Details of assignments, contractual terms and invoicing are the responsibility of the experts and organisations who are directly connected through the ProTem platform. These assignments are confidential to the experts and hiring organisations.

In order to keep the ProTem platform maintained, experts pay a small percentage ( 12% ) of their chargeable fees only once the assignment has been completed and/or on submitting their invoice to the hiring organisation. ProTem do not take any payment from the hiring organisation.

It is free for experts to registered on the ProTem platform, but there is a process to ensure high quality, high value talent is proven first. Experts agree their day-rate directly with the hiring organisation.

All experts have mini-cv bio`s on the ProTem platform that can be accesses through key-word searches when logged-in.

We set the bar high.

ProTem introduces experienced professionals. This means some experts may have ended full-time employment, being ‘portfolio workers’ or part of the ‘plural economy’.

You call the shots.

As a hiring organisation you can set out your terms, and as an expert you can do the same and agree a fee that you are comfortable with. You can be sure that we will only connect people and organisations that are like-minded.

Profit from spare time.

We find opportunities for experts, with valuable time on their hands, to connect with organisations who want to place a short term contract. An arrangement fee of 12% is paid to ProTem by the expert only once work has been completed.

Free to sign up.

The process is simple and fast and don`t forget, no fees are paid to Protem by the hiring organisation.

The sectors we work in.


Broadly this covers civils, mechanical, production, electrical, chemical, biomedical and aerospace.

In detail skills also take in real estate development, construction, infrastructure and senior experts offer proposals & tenders, business development, master planning, environmental, FM and business strategy.

Sustainability, environmental impact and renewables are also included in this sector.

Professional Services

Most legal services are included here: Council, solicitors, barristers and adjudication skills. Some of our senior experts have varied international experience.


Business development, management, planning, strategy and transformation is provided by senior experts. Leadership development, coaching, motivation and training are included.

Consulting, start-ups, mergers and acquisitions and general advice are provided. Change management is offered as is financial advice, budgeting, planning and business transformation.

IT services, implementation and applications are covered here.

Communication and marketing overlaps with the Media sector.

Real Estate

Experts have experience in retail, office/commercial, residential, hotels & leisure, regeneration, industrial . . . and of course . . . mixed use.

Skills include strategy, business planning, master-planning, feasibility studies, tenders, business development, construction management, leasing, investment, research across the UK and internationally.

Sustainability, environmental impact and renewables are also included in this sector.


Communication strategy and implementation across the different media are covered by our senior experts.

Advice is available for B2B and B2C marketing from senior experts experienced indifferent business sectors.

Overarching strategy, competitive analysis, corporate communications, creative strategy, corporate branding, development and management and covered.

On a more detailed level experts advise on advertising, digital communications, and traditional media. Public relations & publicity skills can be found here.

Travel & Tourism

Skills in demand include master-planning, development, branding, promotion, digitisation and project appraisal.

Specific sectors as tour operators, visitor attractions and arts & culture venues benefit from senior experts to help ‘build back better’.

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